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Dyeing Services

Dyeing Services

Dyeing Service Information

Sparko Bridal will offer you a unique dyeing service to customize your look for that special day. Our shoe dyeing service yields exquisite results, and most of the shoes will come to perfection.

On each of our dyeables shoes, you have the choice of 45 colours to choose from, including 4 shades of ivory colour ( Diamiond white, Light ivory, Medium ivory and Dark ivory ) If you have a specefic colour, please send us your swatch, and we will match it.

The brands Touch-Ups, Dyeables and Pink, their original colours are white, and they can be dyed to any colour. Benjamin Adams and Pink London their original colours are Medium ivory and it will match most Ivory dresses.

Leather shoes, glitter, silver, gold, and metalic are not suitable for dyeing

All our bridal Handbags, are dyeables you can match them with your shoes.

On occassion there are slight issues that may arise:

Dyeable shoes are not-waterproof: The dye used on our shoes is a water-soluble base, meaning if your shoe encounters heavy water expoisure there is the chance of it to run or bleed. All dyed shoes are sprayed with a water repellent spray completely free, however this protection does not guarantee full waterproof but it is the best protection available. If color so happens to end up on your skin, this can easily be removed with soap and water, or a simple cleaning wipe.

Glue Marks: During the establishment procedure, the sole of the shoe is glued to the rest of the shoe. Excess glue is wiped away, and the rest of the glue will dry completely. However when the shoe is dyed, small areas of the seam where the glue has gotten into the fabric will not be able to absorb the dye completely. Meaning that these small areas of the shoe will appear in a slightly lighter shade of the dye color, even possibly be white. These small sections are very narrow and almost invisible to others when being worn, but they can be seen if looking very closely.

Certain fabrics dye differently: Certain shoes have different fabric types, thus will appear differently. For example if you have a silk shoe and a satin shoe dyed in Burgendy, the silk material will have a slightly lighter shade. 

Inside the shoes: Only exposed areas of the shoes get dyed, not the inside. In some cases small parts of the sole may come in contact with the dye, as well there are very tiny areas where the dye will get on the liner or behind the strap. However none of these areas can be seen by others, and the shoe will still perform to perfection.

Flaws in the fabric: In some cases the Satin shoe will appear perfectly, but once dyed might show very slight scuffs or minor fabric blemishes. These small areas will appear either lighter, darker, shinier or less shiny than the rest of the shoe. These areas are very tiny, and almost unnoticeable.

Certain areas can't dye: In some shoes certain parts underneath the flower, brooch, bow or other type of decoration cannot be dyed completely. But these areas are not visible by others. 

Leather:  Leather is not a material that the dye will accept the same way satin does, and will appear in a slightly lighter shade. Only in some cases do the shoes have a piece of leather reinforcement on the strap where the buckle holes are. These slight shades are very unnoticeable to others while you are wearing the shoe.


Please note dyed shoes are non returnable, all sales are final. If you have any concerns or issues about the fit or comfort please feel free to contact us. As well feel free to order the shoes in white and try them on, and have them sent back to us for dyeing.

Please allow 2-3 buisness days on top of the regular delivery date for all dyeable colours.




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